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Oct 172017

Don’t miss out Mas Airlines Deepavali deals which offers up to 40% off fares, and earn Enrich Miles when you travel from Kuala Lumpur to amazing destinations across Asia and beyond.


Mas Airlines Deepavali Deals 2017

Booking period: Now – 22 October 2017
Travel period: 24 October 2017 – 31 March 2018

Check out promo fares offered by MAS Airlines (Economy):

  • Fly from RM402 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Surabaya
  • Fly from RM809 all-in-fare (return): Kota Kinabalu to Taipei
  • Fly from RM919 all-in-fare (return): Kota Kinabalu to Shanghai
  • Fly from RM999 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai
  • Fly from RM1029 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Kota Kinabalu to Perth
  • Fly from RM1089 all-in-fare (return): Kota Kinabalu to Tokyo
  • Fly from RM1109 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Nanjing
  • Fly from RM2399 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Auckland

Book now via online booking at MalaysiaAirlines.com.

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