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Apr 042015

Mas Airlines is launching a fantastic deals with irresistible airfares from as low as RM251 one-way all-inclusive for various international routes on Economy Class. Travellers can plan their trips now for travel period now till June this year. For long-haul destinations such as London, guests can grab all-inclusive return for RM2499 while Tokyo for RM1375 only.


Malaysia Airlines Irresistible Deals April 2015

Booking Period: 4 April – 7 April 2015

Traveling Period: 7 April – 30 June 2015

Check out some International promo fares offered by MAS Airlines:

  • Fly from RM251 all-in-fare (one-way): Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City
  • Fly from RM259 all-in-fare (one-way): Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta
  • Fly from RM450 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Yangon
  • Fly from RM984 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to GuangZhou
  • Fly from RM1375 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo
  • Fly from RM1875 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Dubai
  • Fly from RM2399 all-in-fare (return): Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul

Find out more details:

Mas Airlines Irresistible Fares From KL

Act now to book the above promo fares via online booking at MalaysiaAirlines.com.

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  1. Are tickets to Dubai return available..

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